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Design & Consultancy Services

Frameworkz is an integrated workspace design and build services firm that specialises in delivering exceptional workspace interiors that leverage the latest thinking in design, workforce optimization, and the environment.

With our unique combination of people, process, and technology, we strive to provide our clientele with unparalleled value. Frameworkz provides its turn-key services for leading organizations across a spectrum of industries.

We transform raw space into award-winning, next-generation offices, clean rooms, data centers and more. We focus on large-scale and mid-size office design and build company projects for a diverse international clientele that includes both global enterprises as well as early-stage companies, having successfully completed hundreds of projects across India and beyond. The Company is privately-held by executive management.

Architectural / Interior Layouts

-Floor Plans

-Furniture Layouts

-Sections and Elevations

-Reflected Ceiling Plans

-Detailed Drawings

-Scheme and Material Selection

-As Built Drawings


Electrical Layouts

-Single Line Diagram

-Raceway & Cable Tray Layouts

-Power and Lighting Layouts

-UPS Power Layouts

-Earthing Layouts

Fire and Security System

-Smoke Detector System Layouts

-CCTV System Layouts

-Public Address System Layouts

-Access Control System Layouts

-Fire Extinguisher Layouts

-Fire Escape Plans

-Fire Suppression Systems


HVAC System

-Design Brief

-Capacity calculations  

-Heat Load calculations

-Ducting and Piping Layouts

-Indoor out Door Placements



Networking Layouts

-Raceway Layouts

-Node Point Summary

-Access Point Layout

-Rack Layout

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