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Design & Consultancy Services

‘Design is the blue print to realize a dream’ …. Our Design expert works with the client to frame their dream into a design detailing all their needs. Be it aesthetics or technical the design document has it all and becomes the bible for the development team. The expertise of our Architects and Interior Designers own the dream until it finally gets realized! 




Project Management Services


An effective leader makes the difference’…Our professionally managed team, led by the Project Manager brings total value and satisfaction to our clients by providing periodical reporting from project planning to execution to commissioning. The detailed activities and presence of project owner provides assurance to our clients on the schedule.


Tunkey Solutions

Every client is as unique as their vision

Designing a space can be a quite a Challenging task  if it involves coordinating with designers, different types of contractors like carpenters, painters, masons, aluminum and glass vendors, electricians, etc. We have to find the right people who have the capability to understand and execute a design. Bringing them together to implement the design can be quite a task as one contractor cannot start his work before the other finishes. We  sync those work properly to ensure a seamless delivery of every project


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